June 1: Community yard sale organized by MPAC

Mayfair Park Advisory Committee is organizing a community garage sale for Saturday, June 1 from 8am-6pm for people living in the surrounding neighborhoods of Mayfair Park.

If you’d like to host a garage sale and would like to be on the map, send $10 via the PayPal QR code below or via Venmo to @mayfairpac by Saturday, May 25. Be sure to include “community yard sale” in the notes.

Mayfair Park sculpture selection

Following is a list of sculptures for possible installation in Mayfair Park, from Chicago Sculpture International. We will discuss during the Thursday, 5/11 Zoom meeting. To attend, please send an email mayfair-civic-contact@googlegroups.com for the meeting info. To be notified of future meetings consider joining our mailing list at mayfair-civic@googlegroups.com by clicking here and clicking “Ask to join group”.