Beautification Committee

We help spruce up our public spaces with planting parties, clean-up efforts, graffitti spotting, and other efforts to keep our neighborhood beautiful. To volunteer, call Tom Keating at 773-910-1934 or email

Lawrence Avenue Bumpout Gardens

The Beautification Committee is looking for volunteers to maintain the sidewalk planter bumpouts that were installed as part of the Lawrence Avenue Streetscaping. Volunteers are responsible for weeding, picking up trash and planting your choice of provided annuals in the Spring.  The gardens are watered automatically.  Bumpouts are located at the corners of Lawrence and Kenneth, Kilbourn, Kenton (2), Kilpatrick (2), and Keating. There are also three planters on Elston Avenue. If you are interested please email Gabriela Lambesis at

Traffic & Safety Committee

Dedicated to working with city officials to remedy traffic and safety problems on our streets. If there is an issue on traffic and safety please contact, Vittorio Gomez at

Zoning & Development Committee

We review plans for new building projects and zoning alterations in our neighborhood, and work with developers to make sure their work represents the values and traditions of Mayfair. To volunteer, email Chris Lambesis

Membership Committee

Beyond running our monthly membership meetings, the committee organizes a number of annual social events that bring neighbors together for fun and fellowship. For questions on membership contact Darlene McDermott at

Newsletter Committee

MCA Newsletters are issued on February, April, June, September, and November. For questions on newletter submissions contact Ryan Kinderman at